Manchester Physiotherapy

All physiotherapists at MTC are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, registered with The Health Professions Council and with Physio First (OCPPP), ensuring the highest possible standards of care and expertise. In 1996 MTC was awarded Physio First Accreditation status and continues to maintain the best treatment and management practices.
MTC physiotherapists are registered with all major insurance companies for the purposes of health insurance and for medico legal assessment and treatment.

A Physiotherapist undertakes three or four years of full time study, extensive examinations and assessment to become qualified in today’s challenging health care service. In 2003 the title, ”physiotherapist” became protected by law, to prevent unqualified therapists from using the title, thus protecting the public from bogus practitioners.

Physiotherapists at MTC use a wide range of skills perfected over years and reinforced by scientific research, to relieve pain, promote healing and restore a normal life style or return to full sporting function, for the patient.

These skills include:

Manipulation to relieve pain and
stiff joints all over the body

Mobilisation to improve joint
movement and decrease pain

Massage to aid muscle relaxation, break down scar tissue and improve circulation

Exercise to rehabilitate full function by increasing strength, stamina and flexibility for return to work and sport.

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into particular points on the body. This harmonises energy and corrects imbalances, which can restore the patient to health.


MTC can usually offer an appointment within 48 hours. Ring our appointment line on 07890939282